At Why Weight? we deliver invaluable and practical revision seminars and workshops to enhance your learning. With sessions covering all the essential components of your course, our highly skilled and approachable tutors will ensure that you gain the necessary understanding to successfully complete your course.  

Whether you are one of our existing students, studying on an alternative course, or need that extra help on a distance learning programme, our informative and clearly explained sessions will update and refresh the knowledge you have previously gained during your studies. During these useful sessions, you will have the opportunity to address any of your concerns, benefit from practical demonstrations and learn new approaches to understanding.

If you are anxious about forthcoming assessments, are struggling in a particular area, or if you need to repeat a module due to referral, then you really can’t afford to miss out on our invaluable revision sessions. They’ll provide you with answers to your questions, reinforce the theoretical knowledge you have acquired, will give you the additional support to face your assessments with confidence, and you’ll meet like-minded students too.

Our seminars and workshops have proven to be particularly beneficial to students on distance and blended learning courses. A great source of motivation and support, with the added stimulation gained through interaction with fellow students, these open sessions afford you a personal exchange with experts in your chosen field.

Come and get your questions answered. Receive guidance and encouragement in preparation for your assessments. Share ideas with other students and learn in a relaxed and positive environment.

Face to face classroom / practical gym / studio sessions

Half day – morning or afternoon or Full day