Paying for Your Course

Pay as You Learn

At Why Weight we want our courses to be accessible to all, so on many of our courses, we offer a Pay as You Learn system.  On qualifying courses, you do not to have to pay the full tuition fee at the beginning of the course, but you can pay in instalments as you are learning.  There is no interest, but we charge a small admin fee to cover the extra administration costs. 


Pay Via Paypal

Courses may be paid for using Paypal enabling student to charge the cost of a course to their credit card.  Using Paypal also provides peace of mind with their guarantees.


Cheques and Cash

Cheques and cash are accepted by our tutors, however, it is your responsibility to ensure you have a signed receipt from the Tutor for your payment so any errors/miss-understandings can easily be rectified.


Bank Transfer

One of the easiest methods of payment is via bank transfer.  As banks have made bank to bank transfers free, transferring fees when due using this method is probably one of the easiest method.  We do ask that you ensure that your payment reference includes your name and student number so we can easily reconcile the funds with your fee account.