We welcome the personal comments of each of our students and below are a few of the many comments we have received from our happy students.


I work within the NHS as a Technical Instructor for the Occupational Therapy Team…

I am dyslexic and due to this I would normally shy away or avoid further education/ qualifications… but I started my course with a well known organisation who were quite supportive. Sadly, I failed one of theory examinations exams at the well known organisation.

So, I decided to organise one-to-one tuition.

I was fortunate to meet Tosi from Why Weight? who gave me one to one teaching sessions. As a result of the tutoring I received from her, I was able to pass both parts of the theory paper and I am now a fully qualified Gym instructor.

Jon (London)


When joining the course I was a bit nervous but as soon as I stepped through the doors I felt welcomed by the Tutor and the other students.  Teaching was done brilliantly by the Tutor and explained in a way where things where easily understood and stayed in my head throughout the course.  I felt I had the Tutor’s support and would call her at any time.  Overall, I enjoyed the course and managed to pass comfortably, would recommend to others wanting to get into the fitness industry.      

Merbyn Mercado (London)


Why Weight is an excellent company to learn with.  The teacher was outstanding in every way and was approachable in class and out of class.     

I am very impressed with Why Weight and would recommend them to anyone who wants to get into the fitness industry.

Very competitive course prices also put Why Weight at the top of the ladder of learning providers and once again referring to the teacher Tosi she is probably the best teacher I have ever had.  Keep up the good work.

Alex Thompson


I must admit that I have enjoyed the gym instructor course very much.  I have been well supported all along by the senior gym instructor / assessor Mrs. Tosi.  She has maintained professional attitude and approach to the course.  I felt that I have been well motivated, which has allowed me to fully achieve my objectives and goals.

Since the very first day, I have felt to be relaxed and comfortable and I have been treated equally and fairly at all times.

The method of teaching was structured and comprehensive.  The theoretical and practical aspects of the course content was thorough, and specific to the level of the course.

Overall, I have felt that I have been treated with respect and the instructor was very friendly and approachable at all times. 


B. Sabino